Wonder Walking Way

simply sennsational.

Senn's WonderWalkingWay has already received several awards. One of them is even an officially registered world record! The WunderWanderWeg was built by us - the Senn family - about 10 years ago and is located in easy terrain around our Sennhütte (1500 m) in St. Anton am Arlberg. Walk to one of the most beautiful huts in St. Anton and experience the wonders of nature!

  • Icon Alpine flower and herbs path Alpine flower and herbs path

    Get to know herbs and their effects, smell, taste and feel them. On the alpine flower and herb path you can discover the variety of local herbs and flowers. Nature is a treasure trove full of sensory experiences in which you can explore fragrance and aroma flowers, kitchen and aromatic herbs, tea and medicinal herbs in their natural environment. Learn a lot of interesting facts on the trail and let yourself be enchanted by the taste and scent of countless herbs. Special feature: In addition to the numerous alpine flowers and herbs in a total of 14 gardens, the "alley of mint" captivates visitors with the very special scent of the plants. Along the avenue over 40 different mint varieties can be found.

  • Icon Barefoot path Barefoot path

    Experience nature with all your senses. Walking barefoot over grass, meadows and stones is not only a sensual pleasure, but also promotes good health, trains and shapes your feet and makes the walk a special experience. On the barefoot path you feel nature from a very special side. Feel the tickling of the blades of grass and discover the smooth surface of the stones. Rely on your senses. Consciously experiencing nature!

  • Icon Water path - Kneipp facility Water path - Kneipp facility

    Listen to the sound of a mountain stream. Feel the pleasant coolness of the crystal clear water. Follow the course of the water, draw new strength. The cool wet not only provides cooling on hot days, but also promotes blood circulation, you feel fresh again and spray with energy. The flowing water through the wonderful Tyrolean mountains invites you to relax and linger. Our waterway makes the precious commodity a very special experience.

  • Icon Magic Forest: WunderWald Magic Forest: WunderWald

    Rediscover the uniqueness of nature. Feel the fascination of the forest, experience the wonders of nature with all your senses. On a hike through our magic forest, you can discover the innumerable peculiarities of the forest. Do not run "blindly" through nature, but feel, smell, taste, see, hear and feel. This is the only way to get to know the forest in all its diversity. 26 adventure stations help to discover interesting facts about the forest.

  • Icon Nature Playground Nature Playground

    In a natural environment, children can let their creativity run wild and experience the beauty and uniqueness of nature. Learn a lot worth knowing. And explore your surroundings with all your senses. Space for play, amazement and discovery offers the small visitors the natural and water playground of the Sennhütte. Here they can frolic in the wild.

  • Icon Tree House Tree House

    High and yet right in the middle. Feeling free and carefree, high above the forest. Enjoy the view of the breathtaking mountain panorama of St. Anton am Arlberg on a well-secured 13 meters high tree house. There are many things to see and discover on three large platforms. A true dream for little adventurers. In the tree house, nature is waiting for you to touch. Feel and feel unique sensory impressions with the HandPath. Feel the different materials from nature and spend pleasurable hours on and around our tree house.

  • Icon Edelweiss Path Edelweiss Path

    The world's largest flower edelweiss - a source of power!

    On the 5th of August 2017 we got the Guiness World RecordsTM for the "Biggest Flower Arrangement by Number of Flowers". This oversized edelweiss is blooming right next to the Sennhütte. It consists of 107'126 individual edelweiss flowers and forms in the middle an extraordinary energy place on wooden energy tables, which invite you to rest. In the Alpine region, the Edelweiss has always been considered a powerful symbol! On our EdelweissPath you get a lot of information about Edelweiss. Women, for example, appreciate the Queen of the Mountains for their anti-aging effects and healing properties. Such things and much more you learn on the new Edelweiss trail that starts directly at the Sennhütte. In the Edelweissstadl hut you get additional information, such as the story of Edelweiss, the legend, the tradition, etc.

Wonder Walking Way Area Map

Alpine flower and herbs path

Magic Forest: Wunderwald

Water path
Kneipp facility

Nature Playground

Tree House

Barefoot Path

Edelweiss Path

Our little farm

Learn a lot of interesting facts about local herbs, plants and animals at numerous adventure stations along the Wunderwanderweg am Arlberg.Enjoy the excursion for the whole family and explore our alpine flower and herb path, the Water Path, the nature playground, our tree house, the WunderWasser, the Edelweiss Path and the magic forest WunderWald - which will astonish you.

After the hike along the WunderWanderWeg you can stop in our Sennhütte. Feast on regional delicacies at its finest and be enchanted by the unique view of the magnificent mountain panorama. 

The 3 Steps

  • Icon See See

    Our WunderWanderWeg helps to consciously perceive the most diverse animals and plants and to experience them in all their splendor. Recognize new shapes and colors that you have not noticed before. You will be surprised ...

  • Icon Feel Feel

    Touch delicate petals gently, feel the tickling of the blades of grass on the soles of your feet or feel cold water on the skin! Who was ever so close to nature? A whole new experience awaits you ...

  • Icon Touch Touch

    Amazement ... Find out about local plants and animals. To recognize the cycle of nature and to better understand our environment. We have set ourselves this task. Let us surprise you ...