We destill for our guests!

Also this year we have come up with something new!

After our landlady Tanja Senn completed her training as a "Schnaps-Sommeliere", it is now obvious that all the herbs from the many herb gardens around the Sennhütte in St. Anton am Arlberg are also processed into liqueurs, brandies and high-proof spirits. Whether roots, blossoms, leaves or needles, the Sennfamily has had many years of  experience in the field of herbs ...

Senn's ARLberg Gin

Senn's Arlberg GIN. This gin contains more than 15 herbs that have been collected and processed with a lot of passion. Its SENNsational aroma makes it one of the few gins that can also be drunk as a SENNsationel shot.

SENN-Gin mainly contains herbs from the area. For example juniper, lavender, chamomile, verbena, rose petals, ...

Our gin was refined with the ARLE from the Arlberg and the spruce, which is mainly found in our area. This gives the SENN Gin a very special flavor and a strong aroma!

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